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This blog was created for anyone with an interest in the Avaya IP Office. As a user,you will find tips and information,as an installer,you will find ideas to help you do your job more efficiently. The causal maintainer will find helpful information to manage your phone system. For the sales person,there is information on what solutions work well for different circumstances.


February 2018

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Programming an Avaya 9608 phone for VPN operation

Programming an Avaya 9608 for VPN

This article will only cover differences I have found programming the 9608 phone versus the 9620 phone.

The first time I configured a 9608 for VPN operation was a little different than previous times and stumped me for a little bit.

Out of the box,the phone booted up [...]

Commonly used network ports for the Avaya IP Office

69 –TFTP Manager 1433 –MSSQL TCP 1434 –MSSQL UDP 1719 –VoIP Call setup 1720 –VoIP Call setup 1835 –CCR Wallboard 5060 –SIP Callsetup 8080 –Default port for Avaya One-X server 8888 –Default port for Avaya Contact Store 49152 –53247 –H.323 Streaming Audio (randomly chosen) [...]

Avaya releases 2013 Q3 firmware update

On August 30,2013,Avaya released Service Pack 6 for IP Office systems in the supported 8.0 and 8.1 release family.

So,what should you do??? As always,check the service release notes that are in PDF format available on http://support.avaya.com (you will need a login) or http://www.iplabs.biz/AvayaGlobalTechTips.aspx and go to the bottom two entries [...]

IP Office error message –No Common Capability

What on earth does this mean?

Fairly simple,however,I think Avaya could make these error messages less cryptic.

This message comes about when you try to log into an IP Office control unit that is a higher firmware release that the manager application you have running.

What to do? Download the latest Administration suite [...]

IP Office firmware upgrading

I’ve been doing the IP Office since release 1.3 somthing and upgrading the system can present challenges. Here are some best practices and a few tidbits to try as you do the upgrade.

1. Read the release notes. I can’t express the importance of this enough,even for someone like me who has done this [...]

Changing system time on an Avaya IP Office

Once in a while,the system time on the IP Office isn’t correct. Sometimes it can happen on a new installation where there isn’t a time source. No matter what,it’s a pain. What I like to do is program a button on one of the phones on the system so the change can be [...]

Excel:Concatenating cells

So what does Excel and Concatenation have to do with a phone programming blog? Many times,we need to do bulk actions –importing and exporting user names for various devices. The import/export feature on the Avaya IP Office is not used very often,however,it is really handy when you are setting up a [...]

What is Service Monitoring on the IP Office?

Service monitoring is a way for the manager of a group of users programmed in the IP Office to listen in on the calls for quality or training purposes. Often,this is also used with call recording. In order to do this,the manager must be given the ‘can intrude’right and the users being [...]

Avaya IP Office –using Manager

Many times I will log into a system to see the Manager application open with a configuration loaded. There is no way to tell how recent this configuration is. Any changes made and merged from this state could push out some very old (hours or even days) settings. How bad could that be,you ask? [...]