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This blog was created for anyone with an interest in the Avaya IP Office. As a user,you will find tips and information,as an installer,you will find ideas to help you do your job more efficiently. The causal maintainer will find helpful information to manage your phone system. For the sales person,there is information on what solutions work well for different circumstances.


January 2018

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Voicemail to Email –supplemental info –setting up hMail

More often,I am asked to connect a voicemail system to an email server that requires an encrypted connection,and I’ve covered doing some of that in a previous blog. However,just recently,I used a 3rd party tool called hMail to accomplish this. If you look deep enough,there is a writeup by Kyle [...]

Found a bug…Avaya Voicemail Pro

I found a bug and it’s a doozie. Since about 8.1,I have had an on-going fight with setting voicemail pro to do voicemail-email. This used to be the easiest task in all the world,even with the documentation provided by Avaya not being quite right. Anyway,I digress.

I was just setting up a [...]

How to create a full menu list and still give callers options to dial extension at any time

Well,that’s a long title! I couldn’t figure how to make that shorter. This tip is for Voicemail Pro only,you cannot do this with embedded voicemail. Let me explain. First,here is the configuration and auto-attendant announcement script.

Configuration:IP400 or IP500 system with Voicemail Pro. Users have extensions in the 100,200,300,[...]

Avaya IP Office Anywhere demo

Despite all the hubbub,I had still not yet configured an Avaya IP Office Anywhere demo. What exactly is that,you ask? Well,if you are an Avaya business partner,getting a demo kit is almost as important as your big toe is to walking a straight line. I’ve had several demo kits for years [...]

Programming an Avaya 9608 phone for VPN operation

Programming an Avaya 9608 for VPN

This article will only cover differences I have found programming the 9608 phone versus the 9620 phone.

The first time I configured a 9608 for VPN operation was a little different than previous times and stumped me for a little bit.

Out of the box,the phone booted up [...]

Commonly used network ports for the Avaya IP Office

69 –TFTP Manager 1433 –MSSQL TCP 1434 –MSSQL UDP 1719 –VoIP Call setup 1720 –VoIP Call setup 1835 –CCR Wallboard 5060 –SIP Callsetup 8080 –Default port for Avaya One-X server 8888 –Default port for Avaya Contact Store 49152 –53247 –H.323 Streaming Audio (randomly chosen) [...]

Avaya 2013 Q3 fixes for Customer Call Reporter 8.0 and 8.1

On Sept 30,2013,Avaya released Service Pack 6 for the IP Office pertaining to systems on firmware levels 8.0 and 8.1. As always,check the release notes for any pertinent fixes you or your clients may need.

There is another blog entry I just made regarding SP6,however,I feel a separate article is [...]

Licensing issues for backup IP Offices

I am sure if you have been around the IP Office 500v2 for some time,you may have run into this issue –like most conscientious system vendors,you have a few spare parts in your shop in case something dies out in the field. Perhaps you are a customer/client that has a few of [...]

Integra SIP Trunks and twinning

There are quite a few SIP trunk providers Avaya has issued documents on for the IP Office. Recently,one of my clients moved from Integra digital PRI circuits to SIP circuits. There were many factors involved and the implementation was far from smooth.

One of the final details involved twinning –IP Office twins an [...]

Voicemail to Email on Avaya Voicemail Pro

Pre-Requisites:Set up an email account that will be used to send voicemails from the voicemail server. Authentication to this account must NOT be encrypted. Voicemail Pro’s native email functionality does not support encrypted authentication. If an internal Microsoft Exchange server is being used as the destination SMTP server,the appropriate relaying permissions must be [...]