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This blog was created for anyone with an interest in the Avaya IP Office. As a user,you will find tips and information,as an installer,you will find ideas to help you do your job more efficiently. The causal maintainer will find helpful information to manage your phone system. For the sales person,there is information on what solutions work well for different circumstances.


January 2018

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Travel Advisory:Extended Stay America –Norcross Georgia @ 7065 Jimmy Carter Blvd

I travel a lot for business. I rarely travel otherwise. There is only one or two other blog entries I have made in this otherwise dedicated to technical stuff blog. But my experience at this location was so bad,I have to write this up. For those not familiar with this area,I hope this [...]

Avaya Wireless phones could be so much better or they could be so much less expensive

OK,second blog entry in a row that falls into the COMPLAINT category. Hopefully this will be the last for a while,but it’s so much of a doozie,there may be more than one part and this really needs to be addressed.

Little History Lesson One of the first wireless phones produced for the [...]

Logmein –real klunker of an announcement,soon to be circling the drain

Over the years,I’ve been a huge advocate of LogMeIn. I’ve probably been signed up for 10 years. Recently,an announcement came down that only 10 free computer connections would be supported,otherwise,you would have to buy a professional (Pro) license. So,since I had 60+ computers tied into Logmein,I paid for a [...]

Complaint:Avaya Visual Voice for IP Office

OK…so getting the ear of the folks who design and program the system seems to be a nearly impossible task,and this particular detail has been stuck on my personal complaint list for some time.

When Avaya introduced Visual Voicemail for the IP Office some years ago,it was a wonderful thing and continues [...]