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February 2016
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Voicemail to Email –supplemental info –setting up hMail

More often,I am asked to connect a voicemail system to an email server that requires an encrypted connection,and I’ve covered doing some of that in a previous blog. However,just recently,I used a 3rd party tool called hMail to accomplish this. If you look deep enough,there is a writeup by Kyle Halladay (sorry if I’m misspelling your name). He used to have a website called http://www.ipofficehelp.com,but it seems to have disappeared. There were a lot of good tips there and I was able to put my hands on one for setting up hMail. Some of these tips are being hosted from http://www.redtelone.com,but I’m not sure how long they will be active.

So why use a 3rd party email program when you can configure the SMTP service within Windows? Frankly,sometimes it doesn’t work. I don’t have a good explanation for it,but I don’t like bashing away at something for hours and getting nowhere,even if I was getting paid hourly. Clients want results,not excuses.

Note:If you are using embedded voicemail,since 9.0 sp 3,there is an option to use StartTLS in the SMTP tab. You won’t need to use this solution because it has finally been added to the system. However,Voicemail Pro is still in the dark ages and you will need to use this,or some form of it,to connect with a system requiring secure authentication.

Step 1: Download the software from http://www.hMailServer.com

Step 2: Run the setup package and select Full Installation –Server and Administrative tools

Step 3: Select the default database server type (Microsoft SQL Compact)

Step 4: On the Connect window,select localhost and make sure Automatically connect on startup is checked,then click the connect button.

Step 5: In the Welcome section,select ‘Add domain’

Step 6: When filling this out,be careful not to make it the same as the customer’s actual email domain name,set it to be a sub domain. For example,if someone’s email is bob@xyzcorp.net,set the domain name to be phone.xyzcorp.net.

Step 7: Expand the Domain section and you will see a sub folder labelled Accounts. Select it and add a new account. Don’t put any limitations on size or ¬†maximum limits. Administration level set to user is fine. Click the save button.

Step 8: Under Settings,open up protocols and uncheck everything except SMTP. Click Save.

Step 9: Under Settings|Logging,enable it,and select Applications,SMTP,TCP/IP and Debug. Click Save.

Step 10: Under Settings|Advanced|IP Ranges,click the Add button. Find out what range of IP addresses are in your subnet. If you’ve got an unusual subnet mask,use a subnet calculator to get the range of addresses. I use¬†http://www.subnetonline.com/pages/subnet-calculators/ip-subnet-calculator.php. It is simple and works well.

Step 11: Put in your Lower and Upper IP ranges. Uncheck all the boxes under Other and Require SMTP authentication. Select only SMTP from Allow Connections and select all items under Allow Deliveries From. Click Save.

Step 12: Expand Settings|Advanced|TCP/IP ports. Select the / 25 / SMTP and change the port to something like 2525 or another unused port.

Step 13: Move to the top of the options and under Status,select the logging tab and click start.

Voicemail Pro

Step 14: Open the client software and navigate through the menus to Administration|Preferences|General.

Step 15: Select the email|SMTP Sender tabs.

Step 16: Mail domain:localhost,Mail Server:<ip address of system you have hMail on>,Port Number:2525 or whatever port you chose in Step 12. Sender:email address created in Step 7. Click OK. and exit out of these menus. I always do a Save &Make live and close the vmPro client.

Step 17: Go to windows Control Panel and launch IP Office Voicemail Pro (32-bit). On email settings,put in the email address from step 7. On the SMTP Email Settings tab,put in localhost for mail server and the port number from step 12,in this example 2525. Click apply. The service will automatically try to test the connectivity to the SMTP server. It should be fine,however,if it does give you an error,check the IP address ranges you put in on Step 10.

Step 18: Stop|start the Voicemail Pro service.

IP Office user configuration

Step 19: In the manager application,choose a victim (user) and go to the voicemail tab. Add their email address and select copy. You could use forward,but if the tests don’t work at first,they won’t get messages the normal way. Save the changes.

Step 20: Go back to the hMail administration tool and click on status. You can also watch the messages queue (fourth tab over) and see the voicemail come through as an email message. The status may have to be started again.

Step 21: Leave a voicemail message (must be longer than 3 seconds) and watch status. You will see the entire transaction between hMail and the other email server and be able to observe any error messages.

Possible error messages

I came across these two trying to get this working on an Exchange email server.

- 421 4.3.2 Service not available,closing transmission channel

This was because the IP address of the voicemail pro was not configured in Exchange. This is the Exchange server flat out refusing traffic on port 25 from this device.

- SMTP –AUTH not accepted from server:504 5.7.4 Unrecognized authentication type.

We ended up turning on Anonymous authentication for the Exchange connector. Note:this does not make the Exchange server an open relay (that would be bad). See this link.

After this,we were successful.

OpEd part (sorry,I can’t help myself) Now you can remove the excess cotton wadding from your nose. Really,go clean up your face. Avaya,you guys are better than this. Please add TLS authentication to Voicemail Pro. It would be nice. Please.

OK,I’m shutting up now.




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