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February 2016
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Using SoftConsole-Receptionist

Soft Console is an application that has been around for the Avaya IP Office since its inception many years ago. There are a couple of things that you will need to know to get things working correctly.

1. Since the release of 9.1,the softconsole is version specific. In other words,the softconsole app for 9.0 and earlier will not work with release 9.1.

2. For a while now,in order to use the softconsole application,you will need to check the Receptionist check box for the users who need this application.

3. Another useful feature of softconsole is the ability to change the user status in the directory listing. This is disabled by default. In order to make this work,you will need to go into security settings,select the system,unsecured interface tab and check both TFTP boxes.

4. In order to install this application,sometimes you have to copy the sc.exe file to the local hard drive of the computer. Also,you may see an error box saying it cannot install to a certain temporary folder. Just point it to a folder you have permissions to and the msi package will unpack to the appropriate location and start the installation process.

5. Remember that softconsole does a network broadcast to find the IP Office control unit,so if you are in an environment that routes to different subnets or VLANs,you will need to manually enter the IP address of the processor in the login box.

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