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November 2015
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Found a bug…Avaya Voicemail Pro

I found a bug and it’s a doozie. Since about 8.1,I have had an on-going fight with setting voicemail pro to do voicemail-email. This used to be the easiest task in all the world,even with the documentation provided by Avaya not being quite right. Anyway,I digress.

I was just setting up a system for a client,they have a hosted Exchange server and wanted port 443. Nuttin’doin’bud! Note:so when Avaya are you going to put in TLS authentication in VMPro???? WHEN WHEN WHEN WHEN WHEN WHEN WHEN ? OK,I digress again. Tantrum over. Yes,I know some of the alternatives,but haven’t been getting much luck with them either –setting up SMTP on server and enabling TLS,etc,etc. Been there,done that,tried that and it doesn’t always work. See my post on GMAIL.

So,since I have a third party hosted email server which offers many ways of authenticating,I thought I would give it a try. I put in all the credentials required,being somewhat skeptical that it would work,but try I did. No dice there either.

It just so happens last week that I set up a system in my lab with 9.1.4 and matching vmPro. Right off the bat,I set up vm to email,again. Am Ia sucker for punishment or what? IT WORKED!!! OMG!!!! HOLY FRIGGIN COW!!

Fast forward to today and current client. I am digging through the debug log for voicemail pro and I see this weird error - VMRegistry –Decrypting SMTPPassword failed. That doesn’t make any sense at all. So,I go looking in the registry and find all the SMTP settings there –correct –mind you,in plain text –not real happy about that.

First thing I do is google (duckduckgo –I don’t like Google being nosy and this is an anonymizer,just in case you didn’t know) and filter for Tek-Tips.com because this is ultimately the best site for IP Office help. One hit and the suggestions were to re-install vmPro which worked for one reply. Tried that on my production 9.0 system and still no dice…aaaargghhh!!

Desperate to find the reason,I dig into the registry on my 9.1 system and find under \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Avaya\Voicemail Pro\VPIM the password value is…wait for it,wait for it…. ENCRYPTED!!! Holy smokes Batman! I jump into my 9.0 system and look in the registry and,wow,that’s encrypted also,but not the same. OK,could they be using a different encryption based on the machine name or some other thing. What the heck,cut and paste hashed key from working system to non working system. Restart VoicemailPro on 9.0 machine and KABLAM!!! it is now sending voicemail to email correctly. So,will this work on an entirely different system? Let’s see!

OK,I rest my case. Replicated the fix on a second system,completely across on the other side of the country,etc.

So,ultimately,what does this mean for you,the tech on site who is stuck not getting the darned thing to work? If you don’t have a working system with an encrypted password,time to open up a case through your distributor,or if you have IPOSS,a case with Avaya directly. Let’s get this thing fixed please!

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