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September 2015
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Backing up Voicemail Pro the old fashioned way

OK,so I’m full of complaints and I do thing the old-school way because that’s how I learned it and I know it works. Hmmm,so what crawled up my…?

Avaya added a nice tool to back up Voicemail Pro. My only complaint is it does not give you a status as to what it is doing. OK,so it also saves it to a format you can’t easily dig into if you just want one part. So,here is my old-fashioned explanation of how to back things up the manual way.

First step:Export the call flow using the Voicemail Pro client application. Give the file an .mdb file extension to back up the entire call flow database.

Second step: Copy the Accounts,Names and Greetings folders from the c:\Program Files(x86)\Avaya\IP Office\Voicemail Pro\VM directory.

Third step: Copy the WAV files from the folder c:\Program Files(x86)\Avaya\IP Office\Voicemail Pro\VM\WAVS. Note:Do not copy any of the sub folders,such as en and enu (English and English US –for the English speaking world),as these are system folders and will be re-built if you have to do a re-install.

If you want to really save your bacon,copy these files to an external drive or a flash drive if there are not too many voice mails.

Fourth step: If the client is doing voicemail to email,check in the Voicemail Pro client menu Administration|System|General. Go to the email tab and make a note of the settings in SMTP Sender and SMTP Receiver. Passwords will not be visible,so be sure to check with your on-site IT person for any clarification.

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