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This blog was created for anyone with an interest in the Avaya IP Office. As a user,you will find tips and information,as an installer,you will find ideas to help you do your job more efficiently. The causal maintainer will find helpful information to manage your phone system. For the sales person,there is information on what solutions work well for different circumstances.


July 2015
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I was originally going to title this article just focused on the first item here,TLS encryption for VMPro,however,there are going to be many items here,so I am making this a generic article. Hopefully,this will be found by someone in Avaya marketing and engineering who cares.

TLS encryption for Voicemail Pro –please make this happen,YESTERDAY!

As a field service engineer,I often wonder why things on the IP Office are designed the way they are. Over the years,voicemail to email basic functionality has been easy to set up. In recent years,more layers of complexity have been added. Since version 9.0.3,the embedded voicemail now has the capability of doing authorization using TLS. Fantastic! So many of my clients need secure/encrypted communication to do email authentication.

Why have you not enabled this functionality with Voicemail Pro –your flagship voicemail product for the IP Office?

Recording your mailbox name.

Here is the scenario –when setting up a voicemail box for the first time,you typically have 3 basic tasks. 1. set a password,2. record your name and 3. record a greeting. All these items should be able to be accomplished from the Visual Voicemail menu. They are not,the second option is absent from most all modes,making the following task to set up your voicemail –1. Press the Visual Voicemail button or envelope button on your phone. Set up your password and greeting. Then,dial *17,enter your extension,enter your password then press option 5,then option 5 again. Record your name following the prompted directions. Never use *17 again from the office. In one version of embedded voicemail,running in IP Office mode,you can record your name from a menu choice on the Visual Voicemail screen. The Intuity mode doesn’t have that option…why not? Intuity mode is the best choice for voicemail in embedded and Voicemail Pro because it has twice the options IP Office mode has.

Usable buttons that light up on your DECT (wireless) phones

What kind of rocket scientists are designing multi hundred dollar phones with buttons that don’t light up? If I can buy a smart phone that has 100 times the brains of these phones,why should we sell your phones? The design engineers need to go out into the real world to experience what they design,and maybe take some suggestions from people that have a pulse. Oh,wait a minute,I finally get it. The current trend of zombie apocalypse scenarios really starts out with engineers who actually think their ideas are smart by trying them out on zombies?????? No,that doesn’t make sense at all. OK,so back to reality.

I want a wireless DECT or IP phone that has these SIMPLE features WITHOUT having to navigate through a menu structure.



3. About 4 illuminated buttons that ACTIVELY work like their digital counterparts,such as PARK. Don’t give us some mamby pamby excuse as to why it can’t be done. You are the design engineers. Make it happen.

4. Buttons that are not so small you end up mashing three at a time.

OK,so I am going to repeat myself like a 10 year old girl pitching a tantrum for effect…. fair warning. I hope someone takes notice,really.

I HATE HATE HATE┬áparking and un-parking calls by having to dig through menu choices. Real people,not techies or telephone engineers that work for Avaya end up having to use your equipment. Keep these things in mind when you deploy your next set of bright ideas on the rest of the population…PLEASE!! If you could only see the look on people’s faces when we train them how to use those wireless phones –they usually say,“never mind,we won’t use that feature.”We field engineers (and on rare occasion,sales reps who actually care about their customer and are on site during installation) are the poor saps on the front line that actually have to break the bad news to our clients how horrible these wireless phones are to use.

Add more features to the import functions

First of all…I know this is a bit of a rant page,however,I am thankful for the current import abilities. I would respectfully like to ask for some more abilities because I (and I am sure others) do loads of import programming. Using the import is the best way to get systems set up in a short amount of time if you are tackling anything bigger than 20 users. So,with that,here are some of my ideas.

1. Allow import of incoming call route data. I love the MSN tool,however,not all systems are given sequential blocks. This would be a huge time saver. I already have users fill out what DIDs they do have into a planning spreadsheet,so why duplicate the effort?

2. Give us more importable items for users. We have email addresses,it would be nice to also choose (forward/copy/notify/off). How about options for the Profile settings,DND exceptions,Source Numbers,enabling mobility and Voice Recording options?


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