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May 2014
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Programming an Avaya 9608 phone for VPN operation

Programming an Avaya 9608 for VPN

This article will only cover differences I have found programming the 9608 phone versus the 9620 phone.

The first time I configured a 9608 for VPN operation was a little different than previous times and stumped me for a little bit.

Out of the box,the phone booted up and I was able to register it correctly to my IP Office system,but for the life of me,I could not enable the section that should allow me to configure the VPN settings.

I did the following –

1. Made sure the 46xxsettings.txt file had the SET VPNPROC 2 statement in it and uncommented (make sure there are no ## signs in front of this statement.

2. Pressed the * key when prompted at reboot. Scroll down to the Group setting and make sure 876 (VPN) is entered.

3. Rebooted the phone and saw it acknowledge the 46xxsettings.txt file (200 reply not 404).

Puzzled,I decided to copy all the appropriate files into my c:\inetpub\wwwroot folder from my manager folder.

- All files with a .bin extension
- All files with a .scr extension
- All files with a .txt extension

Upon phone reboot,I saw the phone look for one more file I didn’t bring across,and that one had a .tar extension. I went back to the Manager folder and copied all three files with the .tar extension into the web server folder,rebooted the phone,which then did an application upgrade.

Once the upgrade was done,I pressed the A (HOME) button and saw a new selection –VPN Settings in there –YAHOO!! However,selecting it did not get me anywhere. The firmware that was displayed was 6.3116.

I rebooted the phone once again,pressed * at the prompt and was able to scroll down to the VPN Settings section,enable it and configure all the parameters that were required.

For more detailed settings,do a search for 9620 VPN phone on this blog.

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