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This blog was created for anyone with an interest in the Avaya IP Office. As a user,you will find tips and information,as an installer,you will find ideas to help you do your job more efficiently. The causal maintainer will find helpful information to manage your phone system. For the sales person,there is information on what solutions work well for different circumstances.


June 2012
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Remote reboot or shutdown for XP

Every once in a while,you need to reboot a computer that is remote –services get stopped and some remote access tools don’t cooperate. If you have access into the network and the necessary domain credentials –this is your solution.


Allows you to shut down or restart a local or remote computer. [...]

Using Avaya Contact Store on a separate system

Avaya requires this software to run on a server operating system,so that may not always be where you have Voicemail Pro installed. It’s not too hard to configure an external system to run as Contact Store,however,you do need to create a share on the Voicemail Pro server,install Contact Store on the [...]

TurboMeeting –Webinars,remote meetings and remote support

For most of us engineers,remote support is now the life blood of our businesses. It allows us to work from one location and fully support our customers without ever setting foot in their office. Over the years,there have been many great remote access tools –one of the first was PC Anywhere,then [...]

Outlook mailbox repair tool SCANPST.EXE

Occasionally,Outlook will display a disturbing message like –“outlook could not open the set of folders. Please check with your administrator”…I hate those administrator messages. Anyway,the cure for most Outlook folder corruption messages is to run the SCANPST.EXE utility. This is not a cure all,but it has fixed almost all PST [...]

Troubleshooting –Voicemail pro service not running

I got a call the other day to check out a system that the voicemail pro service was not working. The on site engineer had done everything I usually do,but the phone system would still deliver a busy signal when dialing the *17 access code. Here are the initial steps…

1. Check for valid [...]

IP Office programming a B179 conference phone

The Avaya B179 Conference phone is a SIP device. Configuration and programming can be frustrating when doing this for the first time (or if you haven’t done it in a while).

Requirements:On any Avaya IP Office,release 7.0 or greater,you will need to make sure you have a VCM installed and an available [...]

IP Office paging to an analog trunk port

Overhead paging can be something of an art. The reason there is not a fixed way of doing this is because there are many kinds of equipment out there. This post will cover paging to an analog trunk port. The equipment being used is an Avaya IP Office 500v2 unit running 8.0.43 firmware,and the [...]

Microsoft Security Essentials 4 –AVG Free 0 –Avast Free 0

While I understand the addage that ‘you get what you pay for’,comparisons should still be drawn between like priced products,even if they are free. Over the last six months,I have been called to remove viruses from computers a number of times. Yesterday was the third time I came across the Alureon virus. [...]