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This blog was created for anyone with an interest in the Avaya IP Office. As a user,you will find tips and information,as an installer,you will find ideas to help you do your job more efficiently. The causal maintainer will find helpful information to manage your phone system. For the sales person,there is information on what solutions work well for different circumstances.


December 2011
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Data recovery:a tale of personal disaster

We all know the saying that the shoemakers kids shoes are falling apart. Well,the same sometimes goes for the computer guy. Usually not the newest infrastructure and maybe not the best backups happening. As a computer guy,I like improving my infrastructure,but I’m cheap and usually go for hard-drive or memory upgrades. Get [...]

IP Office call recording –longer than 60 minutes

Avaya engineers put a limit on the length of time a phone call can be recorded. The stated reason is that they didn’t want people having problems filling up the system’s hard drive.

First I have to say –give me a break! Hard drive space is cheap and is continually doing a downward spiral [...]

Excel:Concatenating cells

So what does Excel and Concatenation have to do with a phone programming blog? Many times,we need to do bulk actions –importing and exporting user names for various devices. The import/export feature on the Avaya IP Office is not used very often,however,it is really handy when you are setting up a [...]